I’ve been seeing midi heels, literally, everywhere for the past few months and i’m still unsure about them and they’re becoming increasingly popular! Don’t get me wrong, when I’ve seen people on the high street wearing them, they all seem to look wonderful! But then as soon as I slip my feet into a pair, I can’t help but think I look.. ridiculous.
I’ve been wearing heels for around five years now and I love a good pair of 6inchers(even if every step I take my mind is saying “don’t break your neck, don’t break you’re neck, don’t break you’re neck“) but I’m still not convinced that the midi heel is for me, insert sad face here.
Here are five pairs of midi heels that I wish I could feel comfortable wearing, maybe one day I will!   
Midi heels, hot or not? | 2013 | Love, Maisie
1 // 2 (no longer available online)  // 3 // 4 // 5 (no longer available online)

I think my fave pair, by a glace, are the fourth pair by boohoo, I wouldn’t usually go for something with luminous yellow on it but I think I could make an exception. I like the idea of a strap rather than a closed back too. They’re a steal too for just £20.00! I might have to invest in them and see if I can get into this midi mania!

So what do you reckon, HOT or NOT? Comment below!

Which are your favourite pair?

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