So I think a short introduction is in order.
My name is Maisie, I’m eighteen years old and currently residing in Gibraltar(Google it). I’ve been blogging for around four months over on
buzznet but decided I needed a change(this happens a lot in my life if I’m being honest). I’ve had a BlogSpot account for a while now and it seemed like the best blogging platform for me to start afresh with, so here I am!
So here’s a little insight into my life, through pictures!

New beginnings 2013 | Love, Maisie
Me and my best friend Kathy // My mother and I // My beautiful kitty Toby // My wonderful boyfriend and I // standard selfie // Nolan needs to learn about personal space // Isn’t Toby just perfect // I appreciate good food // This lady know how to treat me

I enjoy, reading, designing and creating, tea, custard creams, Nolan ♥, crafting, a good curry and making people smile. There aren’t many things I don’t like but green beans are one of them. I can’t leave my house without my iPhone and my diary(it’s a date diary, I’m not that soppy). I’m not a massive movie person but 500 days of summer is probably my favourite film in the entire universe.

I feel really awkward writing these things so I think for now, I’ll let it there. So welcome to The life of Maisie! Keep reading and passing on the smiles!

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