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Polyvore Style Board | #1 | Love, Maisie
Currently sitting indoors whilst it’s raining and thundering outside, dreaming about my holiday to Paris is May.
Shirt // Shorts // Sunnies // Hat // Ring // Sandals    
 So it’s Sunday, not too much of a brilliant day for me as I’m almost always working. I thought I had got lucky today by getting the 5pm-10pm shift but I’ve just received a phone call and have to go in at 3pm, boo. It’s also mothers day today, I’ve sent my mum a little message and I’ve got her card here ready to post(I know it’s a bit late but I’m too good with getting to the post office these days).

 So this outfit was based around the theme of Spring/Summer, sort of a wanderlust post. On the 23rd of May(that’s in just seventy-four days) myself and three other friends are jetting off to Paris for a long weekend! I’m super excited, as I’m sure anyone would be, right? This is the kind of outfit I’d want to rock, walking through the streets of Paris! Providing the weather is kind to us, this will be the kind of thing I’ll be wearing!

Current Obsession: Innocent pure fruit smoothies!

I can’t believe I hadn’t had one of these little beauties until earlier this week! You need to go out and try one!

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