Technically it’s not Sunday.. well it really isn’t Sunday, we’re almost half way through Monday, but hey better late than never!

Polyvore style board | #3 | Love, Maisie 2013
Top // Cardi // Jeans // Shoes // Backpack // Sunnies // Nail Polish

The inspiration for this post came from my Friday night out(a very sober night out on my part). A friend of mine just turned eighteen and decided to host an army themed pub crawl. I haven’t worn anything camo in absolutely years but after searching for items for this post and seeing how brill my friend Kim looked, I know I’ll be investing in a few new items sometime soon!
I think my three favourite items from this post are the cardigan, the backpack and the nails inc. leather effect nail polish. Cardigan’s are a major part of my wardrobe, whether it’s one to doss around the house in or a swish topshop number, I absolutely love them and I really mean it when I say I don’t know what I’d do if the fashion world had never given them to us. I think the studs on the shoulders of this piece make it so fitting for a camo themed outfit. I’m pretty sure you could wear it with anything you liked! It looks super warm too, so perfect for the weather at the minute.
I’ve started having a thing for backpacks again this year, possibly because I’m off to Paris in May and can’t wait to “act” like a proper tourist. If you’ve got quite a bit to carry with you, they’re deffo a go to for me, I’m forever having back aches from one shoulder bags, insert sad face here. Once again, another studded item(subconscious effort maybe?) that I need in my possession. Isn’t it just so funky?
Last but not least, I bring you “Nail’s Inc. Leather Effect Nail Polish” hold up, why have I never seen or heard of this until right now?! THIS IS GENIUS! Matte polish, move out the way, the new go to for nails is here! I honestly just think this is Perfect, yes with a capital P. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of stock on the Nails Inc. website but I’m sure it’ll be back very soon! At least we hope so!
Current Obsessions: Boots, big boots! The weather doesn’t look like it’s getting any better so the boots will be staying at the top of the pile for now!
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