Galaxy print is one of my favourite things in this.. Galaxy! If you followed my old blog you’ll have seen the galaxy themed nails I did for my best friend Kathy and a lot of other galaxy themed items in my recently liked posts. I love anything that is or just appears to sparkle and shine, so I’m sure you can see the connection.
So today, I decided to scour the internet for my ten favourite galaxy tee’s and here they are!

Top 10 Galaxy Tee's 2013 | Love, Maisie
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1. Galaxy theme AND a cat?! Purrrfect! Wildfox always know how to nail the hammer right on the head!

2. Now of course we have a unicorn, I couldn’t not have a shirt without one right? I think the background of this tee is a great, cool colour and I need this top in my wardrobe, now please!
3. I think this is a more subtle design but still amazing.  FACT: I’m fascinated by our solar system, can you tell?
4. Saturn is such a sassy planet, don’t you think? The bright pink on this tee is my favourite shade!
5. If you checked out the link for this one, you’ll have seen the fab lace back! Keeping cool and looking sexy.
6. Oh missguided, how I love thee! & you can snatch this up for a bargain at just £13.99! Score!
7. Once again, some bright pink to brighten up your outfit! Pair this with a pair of black leggings and you’re set, looking stylish and 100% comfortable!
8. Sadly, this item is sold out! Boo! Who doesn’t want a tee with a fancy dress kitty on it?!
9. I think black crop tops are going to be my number one go to this spring/summer! What’s your go t s/s item?
10. I’m not usually a fan of peplum tops but I think this one is adorable! Another subtle print but it’s still got a bit of pow!
Which of these is your favourite? Let me know below 🙂

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