I am a lover of all things pink, I’m also convinced that I’m going to conjure up the courage to have pink hair but that’s a whole different story. I decided to put a few pink items together that I’m currently lusting over(If I had it my way I’d already own all of these but for that to happen, spare money needs to be available and that’s a rarity) .  
Wishlist | Pinklist | 2013 | Love, Maisie

001. Yes, I am giving in to the, possibly, now dying trend of owning an item of clothing with the likes of geek or nerd plastered right over it. I love cropped jumpers, you’re keeping warm but you don’t look like you’re mum’s wrapped you up like a Christmas present. You can buy this on here from fashion union for just £15.00(steal!) It’s also available in orange, yellow and stone, but who needs those colours when you have pink?!

002. As much as I love peep-toed heels, I think enclosed heels are the one for me this year ♥ What girl doesn’t want a pair of 5inchers that look like they’ve been dipped in raspberry ripple ice cream? I for one think they’re absolutely adorable. You can buy these fab fiebiger shoes here for around £27.50(I used a random website for the exchange rate so I could be wrong, sorry!)

003. I have been lusting over these Jimmy Choo sunnies, which are available in Vjays if you’re reading this in Gibraltar, for a few weeks now and if it wasn’t for the price tag(Although online they’re roughly £177), I think I’d have scooped them up already. They’re honestly so beautiful, I think I’ll have to pop in to town tomorrow and ask if I can try them on! A girl can dream! I think round shaped sunglasses are the best shape for my face as they don’t drag it out too much. You can check their availability and snatch them up here.

004. These shorts are a summer must have! They’re made from stretch denim, which if you ask me is comfy as anything, so perfect for your walk to the beach/pool. You can pair them with anything really, even just a plain old white tee, still fab! You can grab these from h’n’m online here for just £19.99

So what pink items are you currently lusting over and which of these four is your fave? Let me know below!

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