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If you read my last post you will know that I recently moved house so I have little to know access to the blogging world, insert sad face here. I’ve managed to “claim” the computer at my best friends house for a little while so thought i’d write a little post, just for you! So here we go.

Nina2 Heel Jelly Sandals @ TOPSHOP

Nina2 Heel Jelly Sandals At TOPSHOP 2013 | Love, Maisie

Who remembers jelly shoes? I certainly do! I recently stumbled across this pair by Topshop, online, and honestly, i’m not 100% convinced . I’ve also seen similar pairs by River Island and even Office are selling juju babe jellies! 13 years ago, when I was five, If someone had given me a pair of jellies with a midi heel i’d have been overjoyed, but if I was given a pair now, right this very moment, I think they’d be straight on eBay. I’m not a huge fan of sandals in general, I much prefer flip flops so I think it’s safe to say that even with these on the market, I’ll be sticking to my Primarni flippy floppys.
Don’t get me wrong, If I had a five year old and we were out shopping for our summer holiday and she spotted a pair of these, I think i’d be more inclined to make a purchase, I just honestly don’t see them as a great look for “adults,” Even if Lana Del Rey was spotted sporting a pair(and I ♥love♥ Lana), I’d still be in my flip flops.

If you are diggin’ these, then you can pick up this particular pair from Topshop, here, for £26.

I understand that trends will always continue to fade out and then come back around, or even stick around, look at the floral trend, but I think this one should have stayed locked away in grandma’s attic with the space hoppers and pokemon cards.
So what do you make of the return of the Jelly Sandals? Let me know below!
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