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I’ve been collecting glass jars with the hope of doing something interesting/useful with them and now I’ve found a ton of great ideas and this is the first of them! This idea’s a really simple one that anyone can do and it doesn’t take that long either!
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
A glass jar (Whatever size you like!)
 Cut out’s of your choice (I used pictures of flowers)
 Tiny silver stars
 CLEAR craft clue
 Glitter (optional)

The first thing you need to do is cut out a few (four or five) pictures of your choice, obviously small enough so they can fit inside the jar but not big enough to cover the inside of the jar.

Take your first picture and using your paintbrush, apply a thin layer of glue, picture side up. This must be clear drying glue, if not it’ll ruin the picture! Now using the end of your paintbrush, press your picture onto the inside of the jar so that it is visible from the outside of the jar.
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
If you missed covering some of the picture, just put a little glue over the top of it to seal it. Then, using the end side of your paintbrush, carefully get rid of any air bubbles that may have been created.

Continue this process until you have glued all of you pictures inside the jar.

To attach the stars just dip your paintbrush with glue in to your pot of stars and then brush inside the jar. Don’t worry about the glue being visible, it dries clear!
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
This next step is optional, but as this was my first attempt I thought i’d experiment with all the options! Squeeze enough glue in to the jar to cover the base and just sprinkle your glitter on top of it! I used red glitter but you can use any colour at all!
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie 
Alternatively you could sprinkle the stars at the bottom and brush some glitter on to the side of the jar! It’s all entirely up to you! Now you need to give the glue time to dry, it shouldn’t take long but it’s best to leave it overnight anyway.
Now it’s time to add the sand! I live right next to the beach so I just went down there in the morning and filled it to the brim, making sure not to get anything dirty inside the jar. You can buy sand from art shops or online, you can get it in pretty much any colour too which would be cool! I just took full advantage of living next to the beach!
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
Don’t forget to take your lid with you if you’re filling your jar at the beach, otherwise (like I did) you’ll have to carry your jar all the way home and just hope you don’t drop it.. You can paint your lid too or add glitter to it! Once again, it’s all up to you!
So now what do you do with it? Well, here’s a few places I put my sand jar.
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
DIY: sand jar | Love, Maisie
 I personally like it best in the bathroom but you can place it wherever you like! If I had a garden I’d put it out there but for now, the bathroom is the next best thing ^.^
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