So, unless you’ve been hiding underneath a really big rock, you’ll know that on the 1st of July, google friend connect/google reader is being slaughtered. Why? I have no idea but although this seems like a rather big problem, I do have a solution!

That solution is bloglovin!  Bloglovin pretty much works on the same concept as google’s rss feed. It allows you to follow all your favourite blogs and allows you to float from one post to another and marking posts you’ve read and not read yet!

I’ve been using bloglovin’ for a while now and if you haven’t yet signed up, now’s the time! It’s super easy and takes all of three minutes! Once you’ve made your account you can even import your blogs list from blogger!

Here’s the link to follow my blog via bloglovin!

Leave some links to your bloglovin’ accounts and I’ll check them out!!

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