♡ Cute things i’ve bought on ebay ♡

I thought i’d show you a few of the cute things I’ve purchased from ebay recently! They’ve not arrived yet but I’m really excited for a few of them!

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Free international standard postage and ships worldwide!
I just thought it looked supper cute and you can use it for pretty much anything and for 99p, you can’t go wrong.
Now this little fella I won on a bid! It’s ridiculous the amount of things you can find online for virtually nothing! You can buy one here for £1.26 in either pink, blue, yellow or green.
Free economy international postage. Ships worldwide.
Another little bargain that I won in a bid! You can buy one now for either the Iphone 4/4s or the 5 here for just £1.69 they also have a large array of colours, with free shipping within the UK.
I bought quite a few phone covers actually! It’s amazing what little gems you can find on ebay if you look hard enough! Have you shopped on ebay before?
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  1. so many adorable things!!

  2. Hehe, I know right!!

  3. Ebay is like heaven in a web page haha >.<
    Found you on bloglovin!

  4. It really is!!

    & thanks for the follow. 🙂

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