20 Things I love this Friday #6

Firstly, let me apologise for my lack of posting! I’ve been “chilling” all week, seeing my friends and trying to keep this cold away. I hope you’ve all had a really good week and happy Friday!
cute pixel photo: CUTE PANDA cute-110.gif

001: White Converse
Fashion and Style | via Facebook

002: These ice cream inspired nails

003: Heart shaped sunglasses

004: motivational penguin!
(1) Tumblr

005: Making daisy chains

006: Fresh strawberry milkshakes/smoothies

007: My little pony bubble bath

008: Megan Fox’s face
Just Another Fan...

009: People who keep journals
{catch the smeel of summer grass}

010: Breakfast in bed
Studded Rose

011: Remembering to enjoy the little things in life
enjoy the little things.

012: Celine tees

013: This colour
CODY SIMPSON | via Tumblr

014: Great hands with great nails and great rings
(12) fashion headers | Tumblr

015: This view
APNOEA | via Tumblr

016: Staying at the beach until sunset

017: These natural after sun’s

018: Indoor jungles

019: Polaroid’s
LROrmoc | via Tumblr

020: Busy by Olly Murs

What are you loving this Friday? Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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