Bomb Cosmetics: Crazy after dark bath blaster!

I bought the crazy after dark bath blaster quite a while ago now and I just haven’t gotten around to using it/making this post. The initial reason I chose this particular bath blaster was of course, because of the big pink heart on the top! After my purchase, I read the description on the side, which read as follows; “A blend of mischievious essential oils, washing away your cares and inhibitions, unleashing your hidden desires.”

I’m a sucker for essential oils. I love them, they’ve got so many amazing uses! You can use them to make candles, diffusers and of course if you’d like, dabble in a bit of aroma therapy.

The packaging for this product is minimal(making it good for the planet) but still gives you all the information you need to know, oh and did I mention that this product is Vegan?! Bonus! Before even taking the packaging off you can smell the beautiful scents of the essentials oils in this product. But the best scents are yet to come! Shall we. (Sorry in advance for the quality of this gif, I’ve not made one in forever so have no idea which website is the better one to use)

I got Nolan to help me out with dropping the bath bomb into the bath so I could take pictures without the possibility of dropping the camera in there with it(N wouldn’t be too pleased as it’s his SLR!)
As soon as it hits the water it begins to effervesce and within 30 seconds your bath is a really pretty shade of blue! You get a great whiff of scents too! I’d say the scent of this product is best described as fresh, florally and relaxing.
As soon as I got in to the bath(and I’m honestly not big on sitting in a big tub filled with water) I honestly didn’t want to get out. It smelt beautiful, it looked wonderful and it made my skin feel silky soft! I really did feel like I was washing away my cares! I felt so relaxed and chilled!
For just over £2 i’d say this product is a must! Don’t forget, Bomb cosmetics are all handmade products and they don’t test on animals! They have a load of more amazing products, head over to their website here!
Have you used any of their products before? What do you think?

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