Deep Conditioning

During the summer, I think it’s really important to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Even if you’re not swimming in chlorine or salt water but exposed to the sun every day, that alone can be enough to dry your hair out. So what I do to keep my hair happy is deep condition it!
You don’t need to buy expensive products or hair masks(although I do love the aussie 3 minute miracle mask) all you need is your regular conditioner, I use dove. There are also lots of different home made recipes you can put together by using things you can find in your kitchen cupboards, i’m looking in to doing a post on that too so watch this space!

Above is my hair after two days of being brushed, straightened and scrapped up into high pony tails. Apply your conditioner to dry hair, I put it mostly on my ends as my hair gets a bit too greasy if I put conditioner too close to my roots.  
Just make sure it’s all evenly covered. Now all you have to do is wait. I left mine in for around an hour(until your hair feels “dry” and a bit stiff) but depending on your hair type and thickness you may need to leave it in for a little longer. Do not apply any heat to your hair whilst you have the conditioner in. After the hour had passed I went for a shower, rinsed the conditioner off and then shampooed and conditioned as normal! Once I dried my hair (don’t forget to use a heat protector if you’re using a hairdryer) you could really see the difference.  
My hair’s not in perfect condition but you can certainly see a big difference! I’d recommend repeating this procedure once a week in summer if your hair is long and exposed to a lot of sun/sea/chlorine. What do you do to help keep your hair healthy and hydrated in the summer? I’d love to hear!

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