Nails Inc. London, Chester Feathers Nail Polish

My love (and my collection) for nail polish is growing and that’s partly due to my best friend Kathy buying my gifts all the time! Kathy just got back from Manchester yesterday and she brought this little baby for me!
Until yesterday I didn’t even know that this collection existed! Along with the Chester feathers, there’s also Brighton, Cornwall, York and Edinburgh feathers! The Chester feathers is a mix of three colours, light blue, yellow and peach!

Firstly, I love the bottle! I’ve had a thing for birds every since I decided I was going to dedicate an entire textile’s coursework to them! The idea of the specks being feathers is just great! I chose to apply the polish to bare nails just so I would be able to show off the colours and texture well! In the photo above I have two coats on. Although i’m sure that it would go perfectly on top of a pastel green or just a thin coat over a French manicure?! I think the possibilities are endless!

Overall, i’m really pleased with this nail polish and I know i’m going to be using it a lot over the next few months, definitely get a lot of experimenting done. I honestly don’t think i’ll ever be let down by a Nails Inc. polish!
Have you tried this nail polish? What do you think?

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