Nails Inc. London, Leather Effect Nail Polish

So for my birthday, my best friend Kathy bought me the most amazing nail polish, I actually blogged about it in this style board post! Kathy couldn’t get it delivered overseas so she had it sent to my mum and when she came over last month she brought it with her and I was super super excited to try it out but the combination of work, being lazy and having a million and one nail colours I haven’t got round to it until now!

 As the bottle says, it “paints on glossy and dries to a leather effect” and it really does! If you’re lucky enough to own a bottle, actually you can probably see it in the first photo, the cap is covered in a pleathery material which is pretty much what the nail polish looks like when it’s on! I for one love how it looks. I think it’s a really funky take on a matte look nail polish! It feels slightly rough, sort of like sand paper but nothing heavy duty don’t worry! 
I’m a little weary that you’re not supposed to apply a top coat as I always do to help the nail polish last. I only painted my nails last night so I’m not too sure how long it’ll last before it chips. Although I do own a few other nail polish’s by Nails Inc. and they do usually last a good few days without a single chip so fingers crossed! I don’t think the photo’s really do it justice so I suggest you get out there and buy yourself a bottle! You can buy it online here for £12. It might seem a little steep for a nail polish but it is Nails Inc. and it’s not a teeny tiny bottle it’s 10ml and it really is such a great look so the price is justifiable!

Will you be making a purchase today? Or have you already tried this nail polish? What do you think about it?

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