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Polyvore Style Board #11

I’m finally feeling better and back to normal, yay!
Tee // Skirt // Shoes // Sunnies // Hat // Ring // Bracelets

The inspiration for this post is road trip/beachy (I need to invest in better adjectives) sort of theme. I’m going to start with the t-shirt, purely because over the last few weeks, I’ve been a little bit pineapple obsessed, not the actually fruit though, it’s one of the few fruits I can’t stand! Pineapple lamps, pineapple skirts(I tweeted a really epic one earlier on today!) and I just really liked this little pineapple tee! I honestly don’t know what my fascination is, but I can’t help it!
I decided to team it with this little beauty! A gorgeous piece from Ralph Lauren but it’s currently got 40% off it’s full price on sale! Just click the link above. I’ve blogged about a few different denim skirts in the last month, but I think this one is now my ultimate favourite. I think it’s the embroidery on the hem that wins me over, I think it makes it look extra cute!
I opted for Toms for today’s style board as i’d never included them in one of these posts before and infact, I’ve never owned a pair myself. I know the hype has sort of gone now but I do quite like the look of them now. This pair in particular would be great because they’d be able to go with pretty much anything!
Ironically, I didn’t include these sunnies in yesterday’s post but i’m lusting over this pair of cat eye sunnies from Marc Jacobs. Another perfect go to item for this season.
I don’t think this outfit would have been complete without this little fedora! Being so fair skinned and sensitive to the sun, I should probably wear hats all through summer. I think a shopping trip is in order!
I’m really loving seeing girls wearing ten bracelets on each wrist. I remember when I was still in school around and just before our gcse’s, bracelets were the bomb digady. I really love it as something to compliment your look/outfit. I really like this little set which is from pull&bear for about £10
Current Obsessions: Blueberries and looking into starting yoga!
Would you rock this outfit? Let me know!

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  1. Cute skirt!loving the pineapple tee!:)

  2. Great post! Love your blog… follow each other? Let me know & I'll follow back! xo

  3. I love the fedora! 🙂

  4. I'm loving all your picks 🙂 Definitely adoring the pineapple tee!

    Keep in touch

  5. Isn't it the cutest?! x

  6. Sure thing! I've found you on bloglovin 🙂 xx

  7. It's a classic! x

  8. Will do! Found you on bloglovin 🙂 x

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