Polyvore Style Board #9

I’ve literally spent all weekend at the beach and it’s been great! Getting ready to have a BBQ now with Nolan’s family then guess where we’re off to? Yup, back to the beach!
Dress // Shoes // Backpack // Sunnies // Necklace

I must have died and gone to heaven because this dress is to die for! Topshop never fail to impress when it comes to their dresses. I’ve wanted a little denim dress for quite some time now and I don’t think i’ll find another that I love quite as much as this one. It’s everything from the sweetheart style bustier to the giant bow on the front, it’s just perfect!  
I decided to keep this look pretty girly so of course, everything girly must have something pink and something Barbie related. So why not a baby pink Barbie pendant that states, well.. Barbie! I’ve seen quite a few necklaces similar to this one but for just over £6.50 on etsy(I adore etsy, you find the best gems!), I think this is the ideal one!
I’ve also got a thing for backpack’s right now (Maybe because it’s festival season? I’m not too sure) and when I cam across this one I knew it had to be included in this post. I love the little gold heart in the middle and the white leather look is awesome too! Judging by the photos on the website, it looks pretty big too which is practical for someone like me who carry’s everything around with them (To be honest, there’s not a lot of useful things in my bag, it’s just full of “stuff”). It’s also great value for money, coming in at around the £20 mark!
Now, these Stella McCartney sunnies are a bit of a major wish list item, selling at around £155, I honestly don’t have that money to spend that on a pair of sunnies for myself (crys). I love the cat eye style and I’ve always loved over sized sunnies. Although I’ve blogged the beige pair, they do also offer an animal print which I think are totally fabulous as well!
I always try and steer away from white shoes as I know how easily they get ruined, but they’re a summer staple item for dresses and you can pick up this pair for £12.99 from New Look, although i’m sure primark would probably have a very similar pair for around £6.
Current Obsessions: Mini house cacti and Jean Paul Gaultier classique X (Nolan bought some for me for my birthday in April and I love it!)

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