Seven Purrrfect Cat Inspired Items!

I am a true cat lover and lover of anything cat. I thought I’d go on a little hunt for some epic purrfect pieces! Meow!
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First up, we’ve got two tee’s which I think are equally as good as each other! I love the first one as I think it’s really clever how they’re put the ying yang in there with the kitty’s face. The second is just purrfection! I’m sure you’ve all seen the Céline tee’s floating around on the likes of Rihanna. I really do think it’s a great take on the tee, infact, I think i’d rather own a Féline over a Céline!
This watch is definite must have! It’s a real bargain, coming in at around £10. It’s actually available in three colours, black, mint and white, but I adore this mint one! It’s even got rhinestones on the little kitty ears, adorable right? You’d be a fool to walk past this item in store if you ask me.

I think cat ear headbands have really become quite popular but I think that’s great! If Taylor Swift can sport them, why shouldn’t we be able to walk around with kitty ears! I particularly like this pair because of the little gold studs on them, makes it that little bit edgier. This item is also available in a choice of colours, there’s black, as above, teal, coral and cobalt blue.

Okay, yes, this is a peg bag/basket, I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted everything at home to have kitties on it! My current peg bag is a £1.50 jobby from Morrisons with polka dots so I think a new one may be in order! If you click the link above and go to the website, they’ve got quite a number of animal peg bags. I think they’re so funky, I love them!
When in search for something cute, modcloth is the place to go! One of many great kitty rings off the internet. I could spend hours browsing through kitty inspired jewellery! I actually love how grumpy he looks!
There are a load of amazing cat inspired phone cases out there too, I actually own one similar to this one that I bought in accessorize a while back. In the words of my boyfriend “That is the most awesome thing I have ever seen,” he’s right! What’s better than pictures of cats wearing/doing people things?
I could have made at least another five collages with all the purrrfect kitty inspired items on the internet! Which of these is your favourite? Or do you own a great kitty shirt or ring already? Let me know!
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