20 Things I Love this Friday #10

Nolan’s in the UK this weekend so he’s missing his birthday(Sunday) so it’s not such a happy Friday this week!
001: This little guy and his ted
002: Making things with fruit
No one does it better | via Tumblr
003: These sunnies
fashion 2013 sur Tumblr
004: Pizza (Do I say this every Friday? oops)
sim sala bim | via Tumblr
005: Perfect fishtail braids
Fishtail | Tumblr
006: This dream catcher
Follow Me On Tumblr http://cokgulenadam.tumblr.com/
007: Building dens at midnight
008: OBEY jumpers
girl | Tumblr
009: Funny shop sign’s/messages
010: Not caring what others think about you
i don't care?
011: Two tone candyfloss hair
Fudge This Shit | via Tumblr
012: Rainbow cake
013: When your cat just really wants to help out
fit girl | via Tumblr
014: Being kind to strangers (and everyone else)
And don't judge..
015: Creative eye make up
:) | via Tumblr
016: This pair of nike’s
Air Max 1
017: People with creative imagination’s
018: Animal’s in love
this is sempiternal | via Tumblr
019: This guinea pig
Ride! by ~mystlone77 on deviantART
020: Katy Perry – Roar
I hope everyone has a fab Friday and a lovely weekend!Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Pinterest
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