5 great fashion DIY’s

Hey everyone. I’ve been going through some of my favourite(and some new) blogs to find my top five favourite fashion DIY’s. I love customising/creating things at home but I do find that I don’t often find/make the time for it, which honestly is a real shame because I really do enjoy it! I’ve been feeling really inspired lately, not just by these bloggers but by life in general! So here are five really great fashion DIY’s that you too can do at home with the step by step tutorials!

I absolutely love this idea because it’s really simple and you’ll have created something one of kind! Elsie from a beautiful mess goes through the process step by step to help you create something just as good!
Phuong over at classy peach has actually created so many amazing pieces! I don’t think there’s anything the girl can’t do when it comes to creating/designing. I love this because it’s something that’s really simple to make but still looks really great!
I’m on the free people blog every single day. There is so much fantastic inspiration on there. From daily scenes from their office to the free people customers modelling their purchases from their store, it’s a blog that can’t be missed! A new pair of converse is very high up on my list of luxuries that i’m in need of so I know i’ll be getting the thread out the very day I make my purchase!
DIY Simple Delicate Chain Rings by Infinite Style
diyrings3Juliette over at Infinite Style is always showing her readers great nifty things they can do at home and this is one of them! I love it as a look and it pretty much doesn’t cost you anything to make! Brilliant!

I only very recently came across Bored & Crafty whilst on bloglovin but it was love at first sight. As Meream states, “Functional and easy to sew. As all DIY bags should be.” I think it’s really funky and the tutorial is brilliant so I know this is on the list of things to try out (I honestly have lists for everything)

I really enjoy all five of these blogs, not just the posts featured here! Have you tried out any of these great DIY’s? Let me know!
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