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At home wishlist!

I’ve been spotting some really awesome home pieces lately so I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

Periodic table shower curtain – Epic right? Why wouldn’t you want one!? This would actually be brilliant for those of you studying chemistry in school! It’ll only cost you around £20 too!
 Funky armchair – A little bit of an unrealistic wish list item, coming in at around £9,000-£10,000 no matter how much I wish for it, I highly doubt this will ever be in my possession
Elephant ring holderON SALE NOW, just £6, isn’t is adorable?
Hand ring holder – Also, on sale NOW for £6, asos sure are banging out some bargains! I’ve actually wanted one of these forever.
Butterfly mirror – Standing at £788.29 I think this is another too much of a wishful thinking moment, but it really is beautiful.  
Handheld mirror – Every girl needs a vintage inspired handheld mirror, don’t they?
Love heart candles – Cute right? £5 now at topshop
Teapot/cup – A floral tea pot? Yes please!
Tea, coffee, sugar pots – For what it is, I think £42 is a little pricy but I do think they’re adorable and would also make a great new home gift!
Necklace stand – Modcloth never disappoint!
Cat table lamp – It’s a lamp, in the shape of a cat, awesome! They also have lamp’s in the shape of a rabbit and a piggy!
Are there any home décor pieces you’re lusting over at the moment? Let me know!Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Pinterest
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