Polyvore Style Board #12

Hey everyone, sorry it’s taken me so long to get this post up!
go bananas
Crop top // Skirt // Toms // Necklace // Ring // Tote

In last weeks post, I mentioned how I was loving things that had pineapples on them. Well, this week, it’s things with banana’s on them! The difference is, I actually really like bananas! Who doesn’t though? We’ll start with that then shall we. I really like the sporty style of this crop top and you could pair it with many things, maybe even a pair of white/black harem pants? But today, seeing as summer’s still in full swing, I thought a little black skater skirt would go just wonderfully.
Aside’s from the banana’s on the crop top, I kept this outfit on a monochrome theme because it’s honestly one that I love. After flicking through different pairs of toms online and realising if I were to treat myself to a pair, they’d have to black. Not just because they’d go with anything, but then I could wear them everyday without worrying how dirty they’d look after one night out.(Yes I would wear toms on a night out, don’t judge me)
I think everyone’s aware just how much I love cats, and isn’t this tote adorable? It’s actually available in both white and black! Just click on the link above to go straight to the web page!
This layered necklace(is out of stock at the minute, sorry!) is probably something my fourteen year old self would have washed up for a whole week at home to buy. Actually it’s really not expensive at all, it’s around a tenner which is fair priced if you ask me. The little elephant ring is just something that I’ve had my eye on for a while now so thought this outfit would be the perfect opportunity to throw it in there.
Current Obsessions: Bonsai tree’s and dream catchers.

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