20 Things I love this.. Saturday #14

I finished work yesterday at 5pm which marked the end of a 52 hour week, so it’s safe to say I was in need of some down time! We went to buy a few bits from Morrisons, including lots of naughty goodies, sorry love handles, and ate some really great pizza for dinner. We only went out for one last night and just chilled out and it was honestly so fabulous knowing that I didn’t have to work today! I hope you all had a great day yesterday!
001: Aztec print nails
002: Hats
003: Boots
004: Celebrity kiddies
005: “14,000 things to be happy about” book
006: Pampered pooches
007: Rainbow slush
008: Hot chocolate
009: Views like this one
010: Burgundy outfits
011: This Nirvana tee
012: This living room

013: Two tone cotton candy hair
014: This pic of Miley
015: This camera
016: Perrie Edwards
017: Neutral autumn colours
018: Henna
019: (oops!) This photo of Mr.Styles
020:Example “All the wrong places”
I know I used this song last week too but honestly I love it so much I can’t stop listening to it!
What are you loving this Friday?
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