20 Things I love this.. Sunday, OOPS! #11

I actually feel really terrible for not posting pretty much all of this week and the majority of last but I’ve been a little bit busy and a little bit tired and working quite a lot, but i’m here now!
001: These heels
002: Pastel coloured dream catchers
Dream Catchers *-* | via Tumblr
003: LV sunnies
004: This
005: Going on an adventure
Nature | via Tumblr
006: Scrapbooking
close your eyes | via Tumblr
007: Fresh flower flower crowns
November. | via Tumblr
008: People who like to travel
being a bird △ | via Tumblr
009: Not worrying about things beyond your control
I watched you disappear | via Tumblr
010: Two tone mani’s
011: Kitties with glasses
012: Vintage mugs/cups
CNV000032 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
013: This bike
apathy | via Tumblr
014: People who have hope when all there seems to be is darkness
382 | via Tumblr
015: White horses
*-* | via Tumblr
016: Clear clutches
Goodnight Verona  | via Tumblr
017: Banana’s
018: Temporary tattoo’s
Man v.s. Self | via Tumblr
019: These shorts
Easy for Mondays | The fashion through my eyes-Fashion blog by Carla Estévez
020: “Burn” by Ellie Goulding
I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! I promise this post will actually be on a Friday next week.. oopsy!
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