My thoughts on iOS7!

So, if you have an iPhone/iPad or any other apple device, you’ll surely know that the new platform iOS7 has just come out along with the iPhone 5S and 5C.

The first day that the update was available my facebook feed was covered in status’ such as “I love iOS7!” “I hate iOS7! It’s like an android!” and the one that stuck out most to me “I’ve lost everything on my phone by just trying to update it.” I know first hand what it’s like to lose everything on your device as a few years ago when I had an iPod touch, I tried to update it and it just completely restored itself and I couldn’t even turn it on! I ended up having to go to an apple shop to get it sorted, but I still didn’t have any of my photos/music etc.
I decided to look in to what all the fuss was about on the positive comments and after seeing a few of my friends phone’s, I decided to brave it an install it! I thought the best way to go about it was to plug my phone in to my laptop, download the update to the laptop and then install it to my phone. Well, I must have done something right for once because it worked and it still works just fine!
I decided to make this post for those who have chosen not to update their phone yet for whatever reason that may be or those who might be worried about “hating it.”
Personally, I love it! It did take me the best part of a day to get used to it but now I know what i’m doing and how to use iOS7 conveniently, I love it!

This is what my lock and home screen looks like.

The lock screen is pretty much the same except the background picture that you chose is stretched right from the top to the bottom of your screen and the signal you have is shown in little dots instead of bars.
On the home screen the background also depicts colours for things such as the bar of apps at the bottom of your screen and the “bubbles” around the apps you’ve grouped together. I think this little feature is really great because it means you can further personalise your phone. For example, I love pink, pink everything so when I discovered this I of course changed my background to something that was heavily pink! Another thing about the home screen is that if you tilt your phone from side to side the background sort of moves beneath the apps. I’m not sure what the benefit of this is but it’s pretty entertaining for the first minute or two.

If you have a passcode on your phone this is what the screen looks like when you unlock your phone. The colours are depicted by the colours in your chosen background picture which I think is pretty cool and instead of it being like the old standard keypad, the numbers are in little bubbles.

The pull down menu is pretty much the same, just laid out a little different but there is now a pull UP menu. This lets you have quick access to things such as turning your wifi on/off, a flash light, the camera, brightness, music and more. I actually find this really convenient and you can even access these two pull menu’s on the lock screen.

You can no longer pull your screen right to “search” your iPhone but if you pull down slightly from the centre of the screen, a little search bar pops up. I never “search” my iPhone anyway but just thought i’d throw that in there for those of you who do!

Your animation

As always, to close apps that are open you double click the button on your phone and you get a little preview of each app that’s open and you just swipe up to get rid of it!

So let’s talk apps. The messages app is also pretty much the same, except the text bubbles that you send are a more of a solid green colour. The photo’s are set up the same as always in their list of albums, but now you have the option to see all photos which is one massive camera roll in order of eldest to newest of all your photo’s and videos from different albums.

The camera now has two new features. You can take photo’s that are squared, so they’re ready for instagram and other apps and now the camera also comes with a few effects! There’s not one that really stands out to me and i’m not all that bothered about as i’ve got so many photo editing apps, but if you don’t, you might really like this new feature! I do think it would have been cool if they’d created effects for filming video, maybe in the next update!
Your animation

Now on to something that i’m still getting used to, the calendar. I’ve read a lot of people’s opinion’s on the update and the majority all agree that it’s a more user friendly version but I honestly can’t agree. Before, if you clicked on a day in the month, at the bottom of the screen it would show you what you had scheduled that day whereas now when you click the day it takes you to a sort of timetabled version of the day. I know it’s a silly thing to dislike but I honestly input everything in to my calendar and well, I just don’t like it like this.

The weather app is quite swish compared to the old version! Although it does look heavily influenced by other operating systems such as the one used for the Samsung Galaxy. Though i’m not complaining because I do really like it! The background for the selected town/city is depicted by the current weather condition. You’ve still got your five/six day weather prediction but you’ve also got the time of sunset/sunrise etc. Pretty nifty huh? It’s still powered by yahoo so maybe it wasn’t even apple’s design, maybe it’s yahoo’s, I’m no yahoo weather expert so I could be completely wrong!

Something that I found super nifty was that the little clock face for the clock app actually tells the correct time! I’m unsure if it did on the previous updates but if it did, I never noticed it! In the alarm you’ve got a whole new selection of alarm tones, you can still chose one of the old ones by scrolling to the bottom and clicking through to “classic” tunes. I had no idea that there were new tunes so when I was awoken the next morning by a tune called “opening” I was a bit confused and actually thought my phone was ringing as I always used to just have the “alarm” tone and have done since Christmas! So be warned, check your alarm tone before going to bed the first night!

The music player is visually a little different but using it is pretty much the same. I think I much prefer the brighter colours than a dark screen.

Now I thought i’d tell you about some of my favourite apps that i’ve downloaded from the app store! First up, it’s snapchat! If you haven’t heard of snapchat, then seriously where have you been hiding! Snapchat allows you to take a photo or a short video and send it to your friends for a maximum of 10 seconds and then, just like magic, it’s gone forever! It doesn’t save to your phone when you send it or when you recieve it! Although, if you’re quick you can quickly screen shot it, but I think that defeats the point. Admittedly, I don’t think I send particularly great snapchats but i’ve received some rather brilliant ones from my friends! This app is available for free in the app store.

Next up, is a little game that i’m so addicted to, it’s stupid! It’s called Happy street! I found this on the app store whilst I was looking for a game that was similar to animal crossing. Basically, you enter this little village and the aim of the game is to build and entire village with shops, games and build more and more little house so more villages can come and live in your village! Along the way, little villagers give you missions to complete and it’s just so fun! You can connect to facebook so you can visit your friend villages! I highly recommend this to everyone! This app is available for free in the app store.

Head’s up is an app created by the one and only Ellen Degeneres. It’s basically like charades with lots of different categories. You hole your phone to your forehead and you friends have to act our/hum/ describe the word/item/person that it reads on the screen. If you guess right you flip your phone down and it goes on to the next one. The best thing about this app is that it films your friends giving you the clues! Sometimes it’s just so hilarious! This is a great app to play with your friends. This app is available in the app store for £0.69 (I did make a little gif but it wouldn’t go the right way round, sorry!)

So overall I really like iOS7! I had no problems with downloading/installing it and have not yet encountered any problems using my phone with the update installed! Have you got iOS7? What do you think about it? Let me know!

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