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Polyvore Style Board #17

I hope you’re all having a good week so far!

As i’m sure you can tell, i’m still really anticipating the colder weather! We had a spout of rain a few nights ago and a few chillier days with clouds and I actually wore full length jeans for the first time in months! It made me rather happy, simple things, simple things. I spotted this top whilst browsing online at topshop and honestly, I can’t wait to get down to the high street to grab this. It’s something so simple yet it can add such a great little touch to an outfit. I’ve recently developed a thing for collars and this one is just lovely! You too can grab this for just £28, good one topshop!
The biker trousers are also from topshop(surprise surprise). Online, their colour is described as “berry red” and it sort of reminds me of my old secondary school uniform which was burgundy. You’d think this would put me straight off but I actually really love this shade. You could also team these with my dream H’n’M boots for an ever more biker look!
If you know me in real life, you’ll know that through the winter months I live in cardigans, weather they’re big thick knit ones or skimpy “not really gonna keep you warm but look nice” ones and I really love this one! It’s currently available from House of Fraser for £42. Based on the photographs from the website i’d say it’s at a medium length which for me, is perfect because I sort of have a thing where I live my back side to be covered, don’t ask me why it’s just a thing.
Next up is this beautiful pair of peep toed, stone encrusted heels. WOW, just wow! If you click on the link you can get a picture of the back of the heels. So much perfection on one pair of boots! Coming out as the most pricy item on today’s post, they’ll set you back £80 from Lipsy which really, isn’t all that bad at all!
This little clutch is from Monsoon and I think it really helps add character to this outfit. Unfortunately, I can only find this on the US website? I’m not quite sure why it’s not showing up on their UK site but they do ship worldwide so you should be able to order it!
I know I blogged about this ring just last week but I really, really love it!
Isn’t this Marc by Marc Jacobs cuff just so cute? I think it’s just so dainty and adorable! Costing around £36($58) i’d say it’s a bargain! I might just add this to the ever growing list of “things I might treat myself to after I’ve bought everyone’s Christmas present’s.”
Lastly, I picked out these little earrings as they’re only £4.50, rings and tings ship worldwide and I just think they’re lovely. You should deffo check out their site if you get a chance!
Current Obsessions: Large cups of tea and orange nails!
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  1. oooh i adore that ring!!

  2. Love the clutch! I have a similar one from new look that's more square 🙂

    Ria x

  3. Shoes are to die for! Will have to invest in a pair 🙂

  4. Love those shoes… they're so gorge xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Everything is so lovely. The pants are a beautiful colour and perfect for the season!

  6. The shoes are so pretty omg*-* Thanks for sharing this, it's a really cute outfit for fall!

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