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September Wishlist

I am being 110% honest when I say that this wishlist unintentional started out as a very monochrome themed post, but then I just decided to go with it! I guess it’s just my mind subliminally being excited that summer is coming to an end and it’ll soon be acceptable to wear a large amount of black!
Dress // Boots // Beanie // Bag // Mascara // Nail varnish // Buddha // Map

I really love this dress and I know I say that all the time, but I honestly think this one is epic and I desperately need to get my paws on it.
I was saying just the other day that I needed a good pair of ankle boots for autumn/winter and as always, HnM have delivered. I really like these boots because they’re pretty casual but they have a little heel on them, being a little person is alright sometimes though.
I’ve been seeing a lot of really awesome beanies around recently and I actually can’t wait for it to get so cold that i’ll have no choice but to wear one! Plus, this one is epic, right?
Okay, so every time I do a wishlist, I can’t help but put a dream piece on there. This Stella McCartney bag is just so beautiful, it’s a shame the price tag isn’t! I think this is one of those items that i’ll be gawking over for months on end but never end up owning, sad times.
I’ve used a lot of different rimmel mascara’s before and they’ve never failed me(except for that one time where the stopper fell inside and I ended up with a wand caked in mascara, that was sad) and recently I’ve been seeing the adverts for their retro glam look mascara on every channel and I can’t help but want it. For £6.99, I think i’ll be able to treat myself!
A little while ago, Kathy bought me this amazing leather look nail varnish and it really made me miss black nail varnish! I’ll be on the look out for a cheapy bottle like this one!
I mentioned in this post that I had a thing for pocket watches and well, I kind of have a thing for Buddha’s too and I adore this one! It’s around 43cm in height so it’d be the biggest Buddha I own! Please?
Last but most certainly not least is this 1861 folding vintage map of the world. I’ve been wanting a map of the world for my bedroom(above my door to be precise, we have quite high ceilings) since we moved in and this one is more than perfect. I’m a sucker for a vintage item and for just under £20, i’d say this one is a bargain.
So what’s on your September wishlist?Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | Pinterest
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  1. Love this bag!

  2. Ugh, isn't it just perfect!!

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