20 Things I Love this Friday #17

Well, hello and good morning! I started making this post yesterday and then the internet decided to just stop working, so here it is, a day late! 
001: Sweater weather
002: Cub love
003: Patterned leggings
004: Choosing happiness over sadness, everyday
005: This dressing table

006: Bunny rabbits!

007: Floral backpacks


009: Cherry blossom’s

010: Ocean manicure

011: House plants

012: Cher Lloyd

013: Taking time out for “me time”

014: Nicely organised make up

015: This insane bookshelf!

016: Autumn

017: Big gold chains

018: These partners in crime

019: Double buns

020: A day to Remember, Common Courtesy (ALBUM)

I hope you all had a great Friday!

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  1. What a lovely post! Those patterned trousers are so nice! x

  2. we love the same things THIS FRIDAY 🙂 great post! xx

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