Cable + Cotton!

So a while back now, Cable and Cotton were extremely kind and sent me a set of their string lights! Cable and Cotton create beautiful set’s of string lights that are all hand made! You can read more about their company and ethics here. I was able to chose which set of colour’s I’d like(you can even create your own pattern!) so I chose the Marshmallow set which is a selection of five colours, soft pink, pure white, pale grey, ivory and dusty rose!

Firstly can I just say how lovely the packaging is! Clean and simple looking but luxurious all at the same time.

The box includes your string of lights(in my case 20), 20 hand crafted cotton balls and instructions! You have to just pop the lights inside of the cotton balls in the premade holes and slits! It’s that simple! I think this is a really great way of packaging these lights as you can choose which order the colours go in!

Yay, they’re glowing! So I chose to order my lights like this!
And here’s what they look like up and off during the day!
And here’s what they look like on at night time
Overall, i’m so pleased with the set that I chose and they go perfectly with my room! They’re just so beautiful and such great quality! Once again, thank you to Cable and Cotton! Have you bought yourself a string yet? Will you be making a purchase now? Which set is your favourite?
*This item has been sent to me by the above company to review. All opinions are 100% mine and not those of the company. All content and images used are mine unless otherwise stated. I will always give my whole and honest opinion.

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  1. Ok, these are seriously so cool-they look so incredibly beautiful during the day AND night xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  2. There's a shop near me that sells only these in a variety of colours I LOVE THEM xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  3. ok. i totally need these in my life; i have been hunting for lights for FOREVER. these are PERFECT!

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