The LIFE of Maisie, hello!

Hey guys! I thought i’d write a little post about what’s going on in life at the moment! So here goes!
This photo is from my first lookbook!

So, what have I been up to? I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been doing a lot of blogging, yay! I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time on my blog because a, I enjoy making my blog posts and b, it’s honestly really rewarding. I may only have 51 followers but I love it when you guys post comments on posts, even if it’s just to say hi! I’ve actually been having a lot of “pageviews” this last week, so if you’ve been checking back to my blog a lot recently, then HELLOOOO and thank you!
I’ve also been trying to delve into the world of youtube. If you haven’t already, you can have a look at some of the video’s I’ve uploaded here. There’s just a few on there at the moment, nothing too interesting/intense yet!

I made a lookbook account!

If you don’t already know, i’m a full time waitress. It’s not the most exciting of jobs but it pays the bills and I do enjoy it most of the time! I spend most of my time asking people if they want “chips, rice or mash” with their meal, someone actually said RASH the other day, it was hilarious!
If you saw this post you’ll know that I have now officially been smoke free for ten days! I hate to blow my own trumpet but i’m so proud of how well I’ve done! Yes, it’s been hard but it’s worth it honestly, if you’re thinking about stopping smoking then read this post! So far I’ve saved £25! Cigarettes are quite cheap where I live but If I were in the UK i’d have saved about £70! Well, if I was still in the UK I think i’d have quit a long time ago(still can’t believe how expensive they are!)

I think i’m finally just about completely used to ios7!

What am I going to be up to? Well, on Saturday the 26th of October I’ll be working backstage at Runway Select here in Gibraltar, i’m super excited and can’t wait to tell you all about the experience!
On November the 7th Nolan and I are flying to the UK because my mummy is getting married! I’m so happy for her and her soon to be Husband! We’re only there for a short while, until the 10th we’ve got a super early flight, 3.30am taxi after a 12 hour day out at the wedding, here we come!
At some point, i’m going to give my blog a little bit of a make over! So if you have any recommendations of blog designer’s, let me know!
So what’s new with you guys? I hope you’re all well and having a great week! It’s Friday tomorrow yay!