OMG, I haven’t blogged since Halloween!

Holy crap, hello! I actually can’t believe it’s the seventh of December and I haven’t written a blog post since Halloween which was like thirty seven days ago!! Arghhh! So much has happened in those thirty seven days! I’ll just get started shall I?

I interned at Runway Select backstage! (HUGE post coming up!)

One of my friends Noelle was modelling!

Nolan and I carved an awesome pumpkin! I even filmed it but it never made it to youtube, sorry!

Nolan and I had loads of fun on Halloween with face paint!
My friend Stefano had an awesome costume!
So did my friend Kathy!
And my friend Franke!
And Kaylan!

I had my nails done with these two beautiful colours just before I flew to the UK.

A photo of me attempting to sort out a very tangled necklace.
I had to work on Halloween night so I drew on my face and wore children’s hair accessories!
Oh look it’s me and my favourite girlys!
Toby didn’t want us to go to the UK aww!
Oh I dyed my hair! Excuse this facial expression..
I didn’t have a proper panic attack on the plane!
Soya Chai tea latte please!
Train shenanigans
My mum’s dog fell in love with Nolan
She’s a beauty isn’t she?
Love you
Airport shopping forever.
Chinese mushroom curry with CHIPS
Sexy photo of myself, my mummy and my little bro!
The beautiful Lashes of London Dress I wore for my mums wedding!
The morning of my mum’s big day!
Tying the knot!
I love this photo, love you muma!
Masks of course!
Fallen in love with this lipstick.
I’ve eaten a lot of cake in the past thirty seven days.
Being super duper sexy in Morrisons
Decorating gingerbread Christmas trees! (and the eating them of course!)
Going to see Kim perform with her choir.
Wearing my perfect jacket!
Getting in to fights with the cat, ouch.
Being romantical and stuff with Nolan
AMAZING veggie curry at the casino!
My best friend passed her driving test, woo hoo!
I went to Hollie April’s EP launch. You can check her out here.
Adorable packaging!
The nicest spinach Pie I’ve ever eaten!
Teeny tiny lemon curd and jam tarts!
It was truly delicious!
Hand of Fatima Bracelet
I FINALLY opened my bracelet shop! You can check it out here!
So I’ve done a few major things and a load of little things and in between all that I’ve been working my normal job and working really hard to get all my bracelets made for the shop! And now it’s nearly Christmas! Scary stuff!
I’ll be right back into the blogosphere asap, I’ve missed blogging a lot and I really appreciate it if you’ve stuck around!  
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