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A French Kiss | LUSH Bubble Bar Review

So back in November Nolan and I flew to the UK for all of about 72 hours for my mum’s wedding, which was just so beautiful! The day before my mum’s big day we had a spare few hours so we decided to pop into Cheltenham to do a spot of shopping. It was actually really fun because we’d go into a shop, i’d check my watch and say right, in fifteen minutes we need to be out the door and on to the next one! I pretty much knew what I wanted from each place we went in to so it worked out quite well.

When I spotted a new(I haven’t been to Cheltenham for a while so maybe not so new) Lush store on the high street, I was jumping for joy and practically ran inside! I picked up a few bits and bobs, including the infamous snow fairy which has now almost ran out, noooo! One of the things I hadn’t used before was this bubble bar called A French Kiss.

The other night, I decided to crack this beauty out the bag and try it out! I was quite excited because I adore the smell of lavender and I’d not used a bubble bar before. A French Kiss created so many bubbles It was pretty insane, I did try to take photos but I’ve not quite mastered my new camera yet, especially in bathroom lighting at night time. The water was almost grey looking but it smelt heavenly! I lay there for what felt like hours and it was honestly so relaxing and calming.
After what was probably the best bath i’d had all year, my skin felt silky and smelt delightful! It’s not often that I have a bath and feel so fresh after! I’m still only just warming to baths, I hated them for the longest time but with products like this, I think i’m falling in love with my bath!

If I was rating this product out of five, it’d definitely get the full five! From the scent to the bubbles and the silky feeling it gives your skin, it’s a essential pamper item! Have you tried A French Kiss Yet? Or any other Lush Bubble Bars?

If you want to find out more about this product or even buy some for yourself you can so here.

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  1. I LOVE Lush goodies. Just got a bunch for Christmas and I can't wait to try them all. I haven't tried French Kiss but I love the Bubbleroon bubble bars. They smell so good and look so cute!

    Viva La Fashion | Beauty + Life Style Blog!

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