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Nine Things To Stick To This Year!

So I guess it was about time I wrote this post up. I’ve been really thinking about how to structure this post and how to get as much into it as possible without boring you all to death, so I’m just going to get started!

1. Take more photographs!
I was lucky enough to get a brand new Nikon Coolpix for Christmas so I’m going to make a point of taking more photographs. Whether that be of my cat, a really nice sunset or 10 blurry photos from a Friday night out.. I think it’s really important to take photographs to capture the memories you might otherwise forget. Here’s a photograph I took last summer(using my phone) of one of the many sunflower fields we drove past.

2. Draw/Paint more!
I really enjoy the satisfying feeling I get when I finish a drawing or a painting. By no means am I an artist But occasionally I will pull something half decent out the hat. I took art at GCSE along with textiles. I ended up bringing home an awful grade for art but I also learnt quite a lot about what styles of art I enjoyed and which I was not half bad at. I’m going to set myself a challenge and do something that I said I would do last year, I’ll be painting my quote of the week once a month!
Mixed Media Painting Quote Painting Inspirational di treetalker
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3. Try new foods more often.
Since I became a vegetarian almost seven years ago, I’ve become a lot less fussy with trying new dishes but I do often tend to stick to what I know, especially when it’s me that’s doing the cooking. I think a lot of people do take comfort in cooking and eating the same dishes simply because a) you know how to prepare it as you’ve done so about 55 times before and b) you know you’re going to enjoy it. So with that being said, I’m going to set myself another challenge and that is to cook up at least two new meals a month and not to order my usual when I’m out at my favourite restaurant, eek! If the food turns out alright I might even blog about it!
Curried Black Rice Soup w/ Green Veggie & Silken Tofu. "This aromatic vegetarian soup recipe is packed with flavour and interesting texture and is a healthy and tasty way to enjoy lots of vitamins and minerals. Served up in big bowls and topped with fresh ingredients this soup is yummy healthy comfort food at its best." from
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4. Take up Yoga.
This is something I’ve wanted to start for the longest time now and funnily enough, my boyfriends’ mum wants to go to! So fingers crossed we’ll both be getting in to it soon! I’ve read so much about all the benefits (both body and mind) of yoga and it seems like something I could fit into my routine. I’ll let ya’ll know when I start going to classes!  
Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way.
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5. Take a course.
Last week I signed up to take part in a ten week photography course, but unfortunately due to the lack of interest in the class, it will no longer be taking place, insert mega sad face here. So now, I’m keeping my eye’s peeled for other courses, I might even take up something really random like gardening! I think it’s important to continue to learn new things even after you’ve finished your education, even if it’s just reading a few books on your topic of interest. If after a few months I haven’t found a course I’d like to take, I’ll take one up on online! Maybe even something like journalism? Who knows! 
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6. SAVE money!
I’m pretty terrible at saving money, well I say terrible, but something always seems to pop up or the price of cat food seems to triple or the bills just have an unexpected rise or topshop have a midseason sale, sigh. I think it’s really important to save yourself a little nest egg even if you have no plans to go anywhere or do anything, I think it’s comforting knowing that you have a little something to fall back on should you need to. i.e. take a trip to Paris for the day or buying that new head board you’ve had your eye on. So I’m going to be making a point of trying to save as much money as possible this year!
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7. Blog at least four times a week.

So, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll have noticed my not so regular activity over the last few months. I know I’ve no need to apologise as it’s my blog but I do feel like I have been neglecting my little corner of the internet. So, from now on I will be posting a minimum of four posts each week! I have so many ideas for upcoming posts so I’m pretty excited for the next few months. My blog’s also going to be having a bit of a make over in the next few weeks and even a new name/url! So exciting! If you’re looking at starting up a blog and want a few hints and tips about how to blog and still have time for the rest of your life, read this little post here.
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8. Read more often.

Now, I’m not going to set myself a goal of how many books to read each month because I know it’ll never work. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading but I can only ever find time for it when I get into bed and within the first five pages my eyes are already heavy and my brain already half asleep. If I can get myself to bed a little earlier each night, in theory I should be able to get a bit more reading time in before my brain switches off. I’ve got a stack of(what I’m told) are really great books so hopefully this year I’ll finish them all! No promises.
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9. Get and stay organised.
I’m probably one of the most unorganised people you will ever come across but I’m changing that! I managed to keep a diary for just over two thirds of last year, not a journal just a little date diary with work hours and appointments and other bits and pieces in it. So this year, I’ll hopefully be able to hang on to jotting these things down throughout the entire year! My bedroom is also in need of a little organisation, mainly my wardrobe but doesn’t every girl have that problem? I’m in a constant battle with my wardrobe, mostly because it’s simply just too small to have all my clothes shoved into it. On my day off this week i’m going to make time in my day to completely rearrange my wardrobe to make it 100% easier to see what’s in there. This, I promise.
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So I guess these are sort of resolutions? What are your resolutions for this year? Let me know or link me below! I’d love to see your posts!
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