A Topshop Wishlist | Dresses Under £50!

Once again, today I shall be sharing a topshop wishlist with you all! This time it’s just four beautiful dresses that are all under £50! Let’s get stated shall we? 

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First up is this gorgeous china print sundress that I’ve been eyeing up all weekend. Whack on your white converse and a little cardigan and you’re all good to go!  I adore this print and for £36, this is a bargain, but if dresses aren’t your thing but you too love this print, then this playsuit is available on asos for £20.
Secondly we have this rose print sweetheart prom dress and oh my lord do I wish I had a prom to go to! For one I think sweetheart neckline’s are so flattering and secondly, who doesn’t want to go to prom? The print is fresh and elegant but not too bright, perfect for the spring time! For £49 you can’t go wrong!

Next up is this stunning black bloom floral tea dress that I think is my personal favourite of the four. With shoulder pads for extra structure of the shoulders and the wonderful mix of colours this is definitely a great little number for your wardrobe, perfect for a day time outfit or a night on the town! It can be yours for £45 online now.

Last but certainly not least we have this velvet bandeau flippy dress that honestly reminds me of one thing. Mermaids. I love anything remotely mermaid related and this beauty is just perfect! A great party dress that can be dressed up or down. The best thing is that it’s on sale for just £15! I think it’s safe to say that tis is definitely the ultimate bargain of this post!

Which of these dresses is your favourite? Have you got your eye on something special in Topshop at the minute? Let me know!

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