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Rita Ora for Rimmel London Collection | Nail Polish

I was strolling through boots, as you do, when I found myself at the Rimmel London stand with all of their new collaboration collection with Rita Ora in my basket, but being on a budget, I had to put it all back and pick up just a few of their glorious new items! So I chose these two adorable nail polish’s. I’ve always been a massive Rimmel hoarder, fan and you can’t beat a bit of Rita Ora on your Friday night playlist, plus, she’s gorgeous!
Both colours are glorious pastel shades with really fun names, Breakfast in Bed being a pastel mint green with a slight blue tint to it and Lose Your Lingerie a subtle baby pink, which actually reminds me of marshmallows, yum! For both colours, I applied a base coat, two coats of colour(although the bottle does say only one coat is necessary) and a top coat and I was more than happy with the results! The colours are surprisingly pigmented for how pale they are. I think these two colours work really well together and will really help to achieve that spring look!
Can I also just say how much i’m loving the Rita Ora stamps, perfect.
Other colours from this collection include Pillow Talk, Let’s Get Nude, White Hot Love and lots more! They’re all currently available at boots for just £3.69 each! Have you tried any of the products from Rimmel London’s new collab with Rita Ora? Let me know!

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  1. It was a £1.50 primark find and I'm pretty much in love with it haha!

  2. gorgeous shades, can't beat pastel! 🙂
    L xo

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