The Cutest Parcel Arrived!

So you guys all remember/know Ally Ebdon right, from Now That’s Pretty? Well, a few weeks ago, around valentine’s day, she ran a little giveaway for all her readers to enter, with a chance of winning an adorable cactus pin cushion, hand made by Ally herself and a reel of heart pins.
On the days of the giveaway I was having a slightly AWOL week so didn’t get the chance to enter, but little did I know that she’d chose a few of her readers to also win a little Ally creation! And one of them was me!

Isn’t is just the most adorable little thing you’ve ever seen? I was so excited when it arrived, thank you Ally! I’m hoping that this little guy will give me that little bit of extra umph I need to get back in to sewing and DIY’ing!

I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful weekend!
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