Primark Candles?

Every blogger has a weird obsession with candles don’t they? So a few weeks ago, my boyfriend’s mum ventured(we don’t have a primark in our “country” so she had to go off in to Spain, hence the word “ventured”) off to Primark and brought me back a few little gifts. Those gifts are these three lovely little candles! I myself have never purchased anything from Primark’s “home section,” but I was really pleased with these little gems!
I really adore the packaging of these candles, I think the way the glass is curved makes them look a lot more high end, does that even make sense? I’ve given these three candles a home on my bed side table and most of the time their lids are on because I really don’t spend that much time in my bedroom, but when I did decide to give these candle’s their time to shine(I know I’m hilarious and I should be on television), I was pleasantly surprised! All three candles have a really lovely scent. Admittedly it’s not a super strong scent but certainly a lot more pleasant and stronger than I expected! My personal favourite is “Pink Jasmine,” it has a really rich, sweet smell that really fills the room(please bare in mind that my bedroom is the size of a child’s shoe box) and it’s pink so naturally it’d be my favourite regardless of the scent. Unless is smelt awful, then it might just have to leave. 
The vanilla scented candle is true to it’s name as i’d hoped and has a lovely sweet vanilla scent, one of my favourite scent’s of all time.
Lastly we have the Lavender scented candle which is a really fresh scent! If you’re not an owner to anything lavender scented, you need to change that. Lavender is such a fresh scent and it has lots of positive properties too. We’ll talk about that another day!
Overall, I’d say that these candles are great for decorative purposes and for the price (£1/£1.50) they’re great little smellies too!

Have you tried these Primark candles? Which is your favourite? Let me know!
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  1. Ohh these look cool! And the prices arent bad either. I have never really paid much attention to candles in Primark. I think i may just need to look around their home decor items a little more 🙂

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  2. Btw I have tried following via GFC but for some reason it is not allowing me to do so

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