Anything Can Be “Fixed” With A Flower

Shorts – Topshop | Shirt – Primark | Headband – Topshop | Plimsolls – Primark | Sunnies – Primark | Earrings – Ebay
First of all, I am fully aware that these are the worst outfit photos on the internet, ever! But I took these photos the other day and I was feeling really uninspired today so decided it was time to post these… awful photos! My mouth was doing incredibly strange things so I just decided to get rid of it. Unfortunately I can’t edit our awkwardness, bad backgrounds and poses, damn.
The weather has been really lovely recently(until this morning that is, when it decided to rain as soon as I needed to leave the house, fantastic) so this bank holiday Monday, my friends and I decided to go for some ice cream! Seeing as it was unbelievably warm for May, I decided to wear as little as possible and this was the outcome! In summer, I pretty much live in shorts because a, they’re comfortable and b, skirts and the road I live on = bad idea(it’s not dodgy and full of old/strange men, it’s just really windy, promise!)
So now, I bring you some slightly more decent photographs of me and my lovely girlies enjoying our ice cream! FYI, we all had banana and strawberry ice cream, nom!
I hope everyone’s enjoying their week so far, and if this week is bumming you out, go out and get some ice cream! Even if it’s raining, ice cream is an all day, every day kind of thing!
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