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So here’s something a little different for the blog! Rather exciting too!

Hollie April is a 22 year old British singer-songwriter. Hollie was born and raised, here in Gibraltar and began performing professionally at the age of just 12. Hollie has recently graduated from Leeds College of Music with a BA(Hons) in Music Production. Hollie has since then performed around the UK festival circuit and even opened the main stage at the Gibraltar Music Festival, which meant sharing the arena with the likes of Emeli Sandé, Level 42, Texas, Lawson and Olly Murs to name a few. Hollie has also performed on the main stage at the Gibraltar International Jazz Festival, the Steinway Hall London, GBC TV and BBC TV West Yorkshire. She has received continued label interest from UK and America, she’s one talented(and busy) little lady!
If you follow me on my social media, you’ll know that late last year, I ventured (well really it was just down the road but still) off to Hollies’ Marionette EP launch! The EP consisted of four beautifully written songs, filled with sensational melodies and lyrics pouring with emotion. My personal favourite is of course Mother of Mine. Hollie has an incredible control over her voice and she captivates the audience in such a beautiful way whenever she performs. If you’ve never seen her perform live, you my friend, are missing out. But don’t worry, Hollie is performing at the Gib Love Festival, Sunset Festival and the Galtres Festival (UK) this summer!
I was lucky enough to grab a copy of her new single “Together Alone” before it’s release(tonight at 7pm[GMT+1]) to review! I was super excited to give it a listen and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it! I’ve always loved Hollie’s style and although her unique style is present in this beautiful track, there’s something a little different about it, but I love it! The lyrics are on point as always and it’s more of an upbeat track, unlike anything she’s done before!
I was also lucky enough to ask the lady herself a few questions!
Maisie: So Hollie, what was the first song you ever wrote?
Hollie: Well I started writing when I really young and was pretty terrible haha, I don’t think I finished any songs for a very long time at first, so I cant recall any names of songs (i didn’t get that far), when I went to uni though, it all came together.
Maisie: So where do you draw your inspiration from for your music?
Hollie: I’d say it would be the likes of Kate Bush, Patti Smith and of course Jeff Buckley.. always Jeff Buckley haha.
Maisie: Although your unique sound is clearly present in this track, how do you think it differs from the tracks on the Marionette EP?
Hollie: I think it differs because I’ve tried to step up my game a little from the EP, I’ve really focused on the melody lines and really showing what my voice can do.. that and people have wanted to hear something more upbeat from me for a while now and I think I’ve done that in my own way.
You certainly have Hollie!
So don’t forget that Hollie’s new single, “Together Alone” is out tonight, here, at 7pm [GMT+1], if you’re a facebook fan of Hollie’s, it’s free! Don’t forget to report back once you’ve heard “Together Alone” and let me know what you think! Do you love it as much as I do?

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