Polyvore Style Board #34

Dress | Boots | Clutch | Sunnies | Necklace | Bracelet | Flower Crown 

I am in love with this dress. I know I say this every week with the style board posts, but as soon as it’s payday, i’m ordering this baby! It’s currently £20 in the Fashion Union sale, so if you’ve been paid already, I highly suggest you make a purchase. There are so many ways to style this dress! I think the colour is such a perfect shade of blue for the spring/summer time! I decided to style this up with black, because black over everything, always.
These cut out London Rebel boots are on sale at ASOS right now too! £31 isn’t a bad price if you ask me! They do look rather high, but that’s fine because i’m a shorty so heels will always be my bestest buddy. I think cut out ankle boots will never go our of style and you can pretty much wear them all year round/with everything, bonus!

This little clutch is another must have item! Described as a “rocker clutch” I think it’s perfect for nights out or adding a little bit of rock and roll to your outfit!

As i’ve been saying for the last few months, River Island are on point this year. These sunglasses are only £13 and I think they’re such a cute pair! They’ve actually got tonnes of beautiful sunglasses at the moment, including this pair, beautiful!

The second thing that I think i’ll make mine once payday drops is this adorable little Bambi necklace from Truffle Shuffle. To be honest, I could spend a couple hundred quid on that site, easily.

Isn’t this bracelet adorable? It’s actually available in three different colours, the other two colours are a beautiful coral shade and a summery lime shade! I’d like all three colours but of course, choosing one, I chose black, because the inner goth in me didn’t get me a choice. 
Flower crowns, how I love thee. The season of flower crowns has began and this one is very high on my “flower crowns to wonder about purchasing” list! I love how sweet and delicate it is! A perfect “festival” piece I think!

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend and if you have a bank holiday like us tomorrow, enjoy it! I’m going for ice cream with my friends, because what else are you supposed to do on a bank holiday?
What do you think of this outfit? Love it, or leave it? Let me know!

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