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Runway 2014 | PART 1

So last Saturday(the 3rd) Myself and my friend Kathy ventured off to this years Runway here in Gibraltar. Runway is an international event held in the Mediterranean so of course, one of the stop offs is here in Gibraltar, bargain!
Just a quick warning, this is a lengthy, photo heavy post, but well worth the read!
The first show of the night was the new designer competition, the winner will be able to showcase a full collection at Brighton Fashion Week in September, how exciting! Check out the amazing pieces below.

Designer: Raissa Faber
I loved the pop of bright colour on the first two design’s, the pattern on the material was just beautiful too! I also thought the shimmery eye make up added a really great touch to the overall look.

Designer: Kristel Coombes

I honestly don’t think I could have picked a favourite of these three pieces. I’ve only recently started to watch Game of Thrones but I reckon a piece like this would definitely be a contester for some of the gowns on there! I think Kristel really knew what she wanted to create with these designs and the end result was gorgeous!

Designer: Dagmar Kjeld

Here’s something I’ve never seen before! An entire collection on the catwalk.. knitted! I loved the colour scheme and I think this was such an original idea!

 Designer: Eliise Fillpula

What can I say, I love orange! And this collection had a lot of orange. I think the fit/style of the pieces really reflected the designers own style(I did grab a photograph of her but it came out super duper blurry, sorry!) I also thought the shoes were absolutely stunning. Simple, but stunning!

Designer: Paul Perez

And the winner is *insert glamorous drum roll here* Paul Perez! Everything about Paul’s designs was on point! From the fitting to the style and the make up to the jewellery, it was honestly just perfect and definitely a well deserved winner.
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Here’s a little animation of all the designers.

After the first show, Kathy and I decided to have a browse around the venue!

Guests still arriving.

My lovely Gibraltar Soap Shop girlies working hard and doing their thing! All products photographed are available at the Gibraltar Soap Shop.

Goody bags, goody bags for everyone!

“Live Mannequins” sporting some beautiful “Trends” clothing.

A pretty awesome live DJ set was provided on the night!

I went up to the bar wanting to order a half pint, but the bar man basically told me I had to have a pint.. so I did, voila!
I also entered a competition with Marble Arc, in which I had to “style” one of their models which was really fun! I even got a free O’Neil beach towel for participating! If you fancy being a complete babe, you can vote for me here.
Right, on to the next show, EnVogue! EnVogue “In Fashion” is a unique and exciting fashion line bringing styles straight from the international catwalk to Gibraltar. I really enjoyed the bright and colourful range of designs, I think the whole collection had a very summery feel to it, loved it! Check out my favourites below! Oooo and isn’t the footwear just amazing?

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Time for another break from the catwalk. Here’s a few more photos of some of the other things we got up to!
Sorry for possibly the worst photo in photo history(that’s a lot of photos) but here’s the lovely Hollie April performing some of her own tracks and a few cheeky covers too! Her new single “Together Alone” is out tomorrow!
We decided to check out the “fashion film cinema” area to catch a glimpse of some fashion films, which I must say, some were rather.. really strange odd, but creative and unique all the same. Also, sorry lady in the bottom right hand corner..

There was also a fantastic photography exhibition, here’s a couple of Jayden Fa’s pieces.

Isn’t my bestie a beautiful little lady?

What we wore

Me: Dress – Primark | Shoes – New Look | Cardigan – My mother!
Kathy: Dress – New Look | Shoes – Payma | Earrings – New Look

So this concludes part one of two Runway posts! Keep your eye out for Part 2 (coming possibly tomorrow) feat. Michael Pattison, Marius Petrus and Hasan Hejazi! Did you attend Runway Gibraltar this year? What did you think? Let me know! I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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