Runway 2014 | PART 2

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.
So as I mentioned in Part 1, last Saturday(the 3rd) was Runway 2014 right here in Gibraltar. Runway
is an international event held in the Mediterranean so of course, one of the stop offs is here in Gibraltar, bargain!

A gorgeous, wearable and bright collection from the New Zealand born designer Michael Pattison. From fuchsia to mustard yellow and animal prints to paint splats, this collection was definitely an eye catcher! My personal favourites were the Lila Leopard Balloon Dress and the Zebra Knit Onsie, stunning pieces! You can view more high quality photographs of Michael’s collection on his website.
After this show, our friend Kim joined us with some of her work friends! 
Cheeky frow selfie!

Next up on the night, we had Maruis Petrus’ show, let’s take a look shall we!

Designer: Marius Petrus
Marius Petrus is a menswear label by designer Marius Op ’t Eynde, based in Antwerp in Belgium! Of course, all these pieces were tailored beautifully and I really felt that the models were perfect for this collection. My favourite pieces would have to be the blue bomber jacket and the monochrome matching suit jacket, pants and shirt was pretty brilliant too! You can see more high quality photo’s of this collection on the Marius Petrus website.
So, it’s almost the end of runway and we’re all starving! Luckily there was a little cafeteria upstairs so myself, Kathy and Kim decided to grab some “dinner”, that being chips for me, a burger for Kathy and nuggets and chips for Kim, we’re too classy I know. We also managed to grab a quick glass of wine ready for the last show!
Designer: Hasan Hejazi
I think I was definitely most exited about this collection, I mean, who wouldn’t be? Hasan Jejazi designs have been featured in Vogue, Dazed and Confused, Nylon magazine and have been worn my the likes of Miss Cheryl Cole, Iggy Azalea, Supermodel Jordan Dunn and many more! Each piece was incredibly glamorous and flattering, I think I’d have palpitations if I could ever get my hands on a piece like this. The colours were all gorgeous and check out the super blingy last few pieces! Just, gorgeous! You can check out more high quality photos and collections on Hasan Jejazi’s website.
So that was Runway 2014! I had a fantastic time and honeslty can’t wait for next year’s! Did you have tickets? What did you think? Let me know!
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