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Firstly, if you’ve never had a mooch around SHOPJEEN before, I highly suggest you do so, now! Shop Jeen is like the home for awesomeness on the internet! These are just a few of my favourite picks from their site.
Sorry, I thought you were Ryan Gosling,” is there a better slogan to have on a white tee? There are plenty more Ryan Gosling products over at Shop jeen like this skirt and these earrings.

I’m a huge fan of Lana, click through to see my slightly creepy obsession on my tumblr, but this pillow is beyond hilarious and I need it in my life, like now!
You’ve CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW” because cats.
I’m almost ashamed to say that i’m one of these people who within ten minutes of entering a cafe/restaurant/bar says “what’s the wifi password,” but c’mon, how else would I take pictures of my food for instagram and tell everyone on Facebook my exact location? So these earrings are just epic, right?

Pokemon, on a pair of pants! Why? Because why not! I showed my boyfriend and he nearly fainted, oops.
Another cute Lana piece, i’m actually looking into making jewelry like this! Maybe if I wear this all the time Lana will find me and love me? Maybe not.

PURRMAID, cats and mermaids, combined into one beautiful creature. If I was an animal, i’d be a purrmaid.

I blogged about these sunglasses a while ago, I found them on another site but they were out of stock, but alas, I have found them once again, praise shop jeen!

I’ve been after a rug for my bedroom for a while now and I think this cupcake one is perfect. Nom.
I hate pineapple, like I really can not stand the taste of it, but I think anything with pineapples on it is adorable! So here’s a fantastic little handbag, that’s shaped like a pineapple, fresh!

Which of these items is your favourite? Will you be adding anything to your wishlist? Let me know!
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