Splurge or Save? | Sales

So, everyone loves a good sale right? Whether it’s “mid season” or a “one day bank holiday weekend” sale, I’m always up for saving a few pennies if I can and I don’t think many of us can help making a cheeky purchase, myself included.

But see, that’s the thing, did you really want that lilac designer skater skirt, that you already have the topshop version in three other colours, probably not. But the price tag was marked down by 50%, which makes it extra appealing. So even though you paid £50 instead of £100, it was probably £50 wasted that was never even really intended to be sold at £100, meaning you probably didn’t save any money at all, does that make any sense?
I bet you’re wondering where all this is coming from, well, Jessica over at Raise. “Raise is a new peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favourite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash”. Sounds like a plan. Did I mention I like saving my pennies?
So, as Jessica said, we all have certain brands or deals we chase after even if they’re not so nice to our wallets, myself also included. Hello Topshop. Now, Topshop might not seem expensive to some, but not all of us lead the same lifestyle. I’ve lived on my own since I was 17 and believe me I had the shock of my life when I had to start paying rent and bills and all those other nasty things and not being able to spend my wage in.. well, Topshop.
So all this got me thinking, it’s mid-season sale at Topshop right now(well it is at the Topshop here in Gibraltar) and I’m pretty broke at the moment but I’m in desperate need of updating my spring/summer wardrobe, hello problem.
With this, I thought i’d put together two little “shopping in the sales rules” with hope that I’ll commit to them..
1. Do I REALLY need it? Seriously, why buy a jumper in the middle of May, even if it is £8 down from £30. The likelihood is, it’ll get stowed away at the bottom of the draw with the rest of the 27 jumpers I own that I never wear because I forget I own. (everyone has this problem right?)

2. Is it even that pretty? I find that often items become more aesthetically pleasing when the price tag has that big -% sign on it. In all honesty, I’d probably think a washed out green coloured t-shirt was “super cute” if it’s price was halved, I’m easily fooled.
By all means, if you can afford to treat yourself, do it, I’m sure you deserve it! Or better yet, if you’ve got someone to treat you, take one in every colour! Just kidding. So how do you shop a sale? Do you find you’re more inclined to buy something you might not necessarily need or like because it’s in the sale? Let me know!

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