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May Favourites

How is it June already? Holy moley! Well, I thought i’d give the “favourites” post a go! This is a bit of a random mix of things, mainly beauty but a few random things thrown in for good measure. Also, please excuse my kitchen tops as a background, I couldn’t find good lighting anywhere else in the house!

Urban Decay Naked Palette: I know i’m like two years too late to the party but I recently got this palette as a gift on my birthday from my best buddy Kathy and I’ve honestly used it every day since. This has definitely been a game changer in my make up routine. I used to only ever wear eye shadow when I was going “out” but now I don’t think I could go a day without it! I highly recommend this palette to everyone. The colours are all such beautiful shades from matte browns to gold and shimmery nudes and they all blend so well into each other, it’s just perfect! This is currently available from Debenhams for £37.
Rimmel, Just Let It Go, Gentle Eye Make Up Remover: I bought this on a whim in boots earlier this year and it’s turned out to be a great choice! I always have so much trouble getting my eyes anywhere close to 100% eyeliner free, although this product doesn’t seem to remove 100% of my eyeliner, it does however remove the majority of it, it’s only the next morning that I can see it hasn’t completely removed it all. But I love it all the same, it doesn’t smell strange, in fact it doesn’t smell at all and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on my lids like a lot of other eye make up removers I’ve used. I can’t find this product online at boots but i’m pretty sure it’s still available in stores!
Batiste Dry Shampoo: Another game changer, dry shampoo is now my best friend. Seriously, those mornings when you wake up and think, do I really have to wash my hair for two inches of greasy roots? NOPE! A lot more lay in’s have been assigned to me thanks to this bad boy! Batiste’s range of dry shampoo’s are available at boots.
DuWop Venom Flash: I blogged about this lip plumper not too long ago so it’s no surprise that it’s landed itself on a favourites post. From it’s plumping abilities to the gorgeous gold sheen, I can not find a flaw in this product, it even smells lovely! If you’re reading this in Gibraltar, you can grab yourself this product and lots of other great DuWop products from The Gibraltar Soap Shop and possibly see me in the process!
Avon Speed Dry 30 in “Suddenly Sunny”: I’ve got a thing for yellow at the moment, which is beyond strange as I usually can’t stand it, but I think yellow nails are so summery and pretty! This nail polish does dry pretty fast so that’s handy for people like me who paint their nails ten minutes before getting in to bed. Unfortunately, it does seem to chip quite easily, but I’m terribly heavy handed so it could also be down to that. Find yourself an Avon representative or grab this colour on amazon.
Primark Daisy Sunglasses: Aren’t they just perfect? Plus, they only cost £2! TWO QUID, and they even came with a little drawstring case, absolute bargain! I wear these pretty much every day now. Primark have so many lovely pairs of sunglasses, I highly suggest you go and grab yourself a pair.. or five!

Soya Nuts: Okay, so they’re not actually nuts! They’re roasted soya beans and they’re delicious! I’m not 100% sure on their nutritional value but Nolan keeps telling me that they’re good for me, plus, they taste amazing.

So there we have it, my first “favourites” post! Not all in the same category but hey ho! I hope you’ve enjoyed it, let me know! What were your favourite products from last month?

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  1. A great pick.. I rely on dry shampoo so much!! And the kitchen backgrounds look good so don't worry!!!

    Amelia Holly

  2. It's a savior at the best of times! Hehe, thank you! x

  3. Nice picks! I have those daisy print sunglasses too and I love them, they're so cute!

    Ciara x | Ciara Pocket

  4. I really want to try the urban decay palette, I have the basics palette and I love it! Those sunglasses are so cute for summer

  5. I think they're my favourite thing I've bought in primark <3

  6. get it! It's so worth it, I promise!

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