Mr Nutcase | iPhone 4s Case Review

Firstly, sorry for the God awful photograph!

So a short while ago, I found myself in contact with the lovely people over at Mr Nut Case and they offered to send me a personalised phone case, how cool is that?
Mr Nut Case is a really great little website! Basically you get to design/personalise your own mobile phone case! They cater for a wide range of manufacturers including apple, HTC, Google, Samsung and many more! Just click here to find out if they have cases available for your mobile! My phone is an Apple iPhone 4s and I opted for the Ultra Lightweight Slimline case which comes to a total of £14.95, not bad aye! They also create Executive flip leather style cases and Full wrap around premium edition ones. 
There are around 16 different ways that you can choose from to arrange your photos/pictures, from just one large one, to an adorable heart shape! I really think there’s something for everyone on there!
I chose to have six photographs of my family and friends on mine because i’m super soppy like that! It also has a super nice matte feel finish to it. Funny story, I left my phone in Morrisons the other day and didn’t realise until I got home. So I called up customer services and told them the situation, with which they replied “can you tell us something about the phone” with which I replied, “it’s got photo’s of my face on it” well done me, haha!
Another thing which I find rather magical, I seem to have acquired a taste for dropping my phone pretty much everyday now and this bad boy has not obtained a single scratch as of yet! Boom!
And now, some great news for you! That’s right, you right there, stop what you’re doing and get a load of this! The team at MrNutCase didn’t just send me this bad boy, they also have me a 10% discount code for all my readers! Just enter the code “Thanku10” at the checkout and the 10% will be deducted! Also, as far as i’m aware they offer free shipping! Double bargain!
So go on, get creating! Please let me know if you decide to order yourself a case from MrNutCase, i’d love to see it! Why not get super creative and draw/design an image to get on your phone case? I love mine and I know i’ll be ordering myself a few more!

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*DISCLAIMER: Items c/o MrNutCase. All opinions and views expressed in this post are mine and do not represent MrNutCase. Although these items were gifted to me by the company, this does not effect my views and opinions as I will always give my honest opinion on a product.

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