Sunday Ramblings

So, usually on a Sunday, i’ll post a style board, but i’ve decided that I need to start making a few adjustments to my little corner of the internet. I’ll still be posting style boards, just not on a Sunday anymore, possibly on a Wednesday but we’ll see, I haven’t really decided yet.

Another reason for starting these little posts, is to get me to take more photos. I scrolled through my photos from the last week on my trusty iPhone and these were the only two that weren’t selfies¬†make up check photos.

So say hello to my “Sunday Ramblings,” which in all honesty, probably wont interest you in the slightest, but i’d like to do a mini weekly roundup sort of post, am I even making sense today?

This week i’ve been trying to keep the flat in tip top shape, trying to get in to the habit of doing little cleaning chores and tidying every day, but when you’re out of the house until 7.30pm each day, it’s rather difficult. Seeing as it’s just myself and Nolan(and Toby the cat and Chester the guinea pig) i’ve decided I want to try and make the flat a bit more homely, well as homely as you can when you’re living in a rented apartment.
As you can see above, Toby loves it here and that’s his new favourite spot on the sofa, yup, right in the middle. He’s a funny little thing, one day he’ll be bouncing off the walls for hours on end and the next he’ll just want to curl up on your lap(usually at the most inconvenient of times) and cat nap for the rest of the day. Life wouldn’t be the same without him though!

Back to making the flat more.. well just more us! For example, I have this little shelf in the bathroom which has all my bath and body treats on, praise the lord for bath salts, it’s made from a really cheap looking wood and I want to paint it white because I like things to be white, standard right? We actually already painted most of the walls white, we still need to do the hallway though, when we do i’ll be sure to take lots of pictures of myself having fights with a roller, epic fail of a wall painter right here. Nolan’s also said that he’s going to sand and varnish the cabinet in the living room to make it look.. well, nicer! So we’ve got a lot planned for this little flat!
I’m going to continue writing up blog posts for the week, including writing up my interview with my buddy¬†Paul Perez, i’m so super excited for you all to see it! I promise that next Sunday there will be more photographs and possibly some better ramblings to go with them? I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend, big kisses!
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