Top 6 Sunglasses Picks

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I feel as though I talk about sunglasses too much? Please forgive me, but look at these babies! Admittedly, a few of these are a little out of my price range, but hey ho, a girl can dream! Let’s get started shall we!
Up first, we have these adorable round framed sunglasses from Amazon for around £3, that’s Primark prices right there! I really like how the baby pink complements the mint green, such a lovely little pair for spring/summer!
Next up we have this berry coloured pair. In general, the majority of pairs of sunglasses I currently own are darker shades, so these are sort of keeping with my current theme. I really like the shape on these, the round lenses slightly pointed off, but not quite cat eyed. For £16 I might just have to make a cheeky purchase.
Floral sunnies? Let me have um! I think these are such a summery pair and perfect for day to day wear but still adding a little bit extra to your look. They can be yours for around £20, boom another bargain! 
Ahhhh Marc Jacobs, how I love thee. I think these are such a beautiful pair, so simple yet so stylish! I love the little polka dots on the arms. They’re roughly £80 which I guess isn’t so bad for a pair of designer sunnies.. another cheeky purchase maybe?
I think this next pair are a perfect festival piece, from the purple tint to the cute flower detail, they’re just adorable. Unfortunately, i’m not off to any festivals this summer, but if you are, you need these babies on your check list! 
Last, but certainly not least are these amazing Dolce & Gabbana shades. Just look at them! Way out of my price range but they’re so beautiful. If anyone reading this has £550 to spare, hit me up!

So there we have it, my top 6 sunglasses picks! Are you loving any of these as much as I am? Let me know!

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