My Current Favourite Drug Store Lipsticks

So, over the last two years, i’ve become some what of a lipstick/lipgloss hoarder, I honestly just can’t help myself. I thought i’d do a little post on some of my favourites at the moment. This is a post that i’ve seen a lot of people do recently(i’m guessing it’s down to Zoella’s post?) and being the lipstick loving lady that I am, I thought i’d throw my 10 pence in.
Just a little apology for the photography, it will get better.

The first lipstick is actually the most expensive in this post, but let me tell you, it’s well worth it! I found myself with Max Factor’s Lipfinity in the shade #340 when my fantastic mumma received it in a free gift box after she spent a few pennies in boots! Hands down this is one of the longest lasting lip colours I have ever owned! As you can see above, it comes with a lipgloss/lipstick and a top coat. You first apply the “lipgloss” which after about 30 seconds dries to a lipstick, does that make sense? I hope it does! Then you go ahead and apply the top coat, which just feels like a lovely, moisturising lip balm! This shade is beautiful and perfect for spring/summer time! It’s a lovely peachy, coral shade that I think it would suit most skin tones. There are so many shades available, I can’t wait to get more! These little bad boys are available from boots for £10.99 each.
Next up is a lipstick that everyone needs in their handbag! Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick in shade #206, Nude Pink. Such an easy shade to wear and the shine is incredible! Deffo more of a subtle, natural shade but I think it’s still a really flattering colour and again, a shade that would suit pretty much anyone! There are definitely hints of peach in the mix but still a very pretty pink. Not brilliant staying power but super easy to apply so popping it in your handbag is a must. Grab yourself this shade now for just £4.99.
This dark red/pink shade is probably my all time favourite lipstick! I find that for the price, £2.99, Collection lipsticks are such great quality. They’re super pigmented and last a fair while too.  Although I do find that the shine wears off after a while but the colour seems to stay put. This one in particular is from their Gothic Glam range which consists of three shades, which include this one Seduction #1, a dark plum, Scorned #2 and a deep blood red shade, Revenge #3. I wore this a lot during winter but I find that it’s also a great colour to wear on a night out through the summer months for something a bit more bold and daring! These lipsticks have a lovely sweet scent to them, i’m not sure if that’s valuable information for you when choosing a lipstick but I just think it’s an added bonus, haha! They’re very creamy in texture and aren’t drying at all! A complete bargain at £2.99!
Another Collection lipstick now from they’re Lasting Colour Range. This is quite a daring shade for me as it’s super orange(for me anyway, but it’s nothing compared to Topshop’s infrared) and of course, orange tones bring out the yellow in your teeth, yuck! But if i’m having a particularly good “teeth day” I love it! From the shade to the subtle golden shimmer it has in it, it’s a beautiful summer shade for those who like a pop of colour. Another bargain at just £2.99.
Last but not least is another nude shade, this time from Rimmel’s Lasting Finish By Kate collection, in the shade #03. To be honest, I can’t even remember when I bought this, but recently i’ve found myself reaching for it in the morning’s. Another super easy, subtle shade to wear on a day to day basis. It has a super creamy texture and applies really evenly and again, this lipstick has a lovely sweet scent! I’m definitely going to be ordering some more shades from Kate Moss’ line for Rimmel, i’m all for a glossy, smooth finish!
What are some of your favourite drugstore lipsticks at the moment? Have you tried any of these? Let me know below!
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