Seventeen Gel Colour Nail Polish | Review

Not that I need any more nail polish’s, but whilst I was in the UK back in March, obviously I made numerous trips to boots, because what else does a girl do whilst she’s back in the land of Boots heaven? I found myself at the Seventeen counter at boots and it hit me, i’ve never had any Seventeen products, so of course I had to snap something up to try it out! I hadn’t seen any reviews on these polish’s but the colours were all so lovely and with the 3 for 2 offer(plus they’re super cheap anyway, £3.99 each), I had to get three didn’t I? I’m actually surprised I didn’t get six, somehow I managed to restrain myself. So I chose a bold pink, a lovely mint green a “milky” neutral shade.. someone please throw some adjectives my way, maybe a dictionary? Can one even describe anything as a milky shade? 

Moving on, “Mocha-tini” (the milky one) is a great everyday colour, great for those who can’t wear bold colours to work/school but still want something subtle. I really do think that this is my favourite of the three, surprising when there’s pink up there, I know! It sort of has a bit of a purple undertone to it, if that’s possible, which doesn’t really show in the photo, but overall it’s a lovely neutral colour that I think would suit everyone!

Next up we have “Pink Flamingo” a bold Barbie shade of pink and I love it! It’s probably in my top 3 pink polish’s and I have a lot! I personally prefer the lighter shades of pink to the darker more neon shades, but that’s just me! Unfortunately, my nails are pretty short at the moment(they got pretty brittle after the last time I used hair bleach, so I blame that) but I reckon this colour would look killer on slightly longer nails!

Lastly, we have “Mint BON BON” a slightly darker than usual mint green. I currently have this colour on my toes, no foot pictures though because who likes feet? I think it’s such a lovely shade for summer! I actually have a thin coat of Collection’s bedazzled nail effects in shade #4, Glittersweet (which is only £2.99, bangin!) and I feel like a mermaid!

All of these colours are very opaque and with two coats, they’re super opaque and shinny just like gelac or shallac mani’s, but at a super affordable price! They’re super easy to apply, the brush is nice and thick which makes life 100% easier for people like me who just suck at painting nails! All the colours apply evenly without loads of those pesky streaks. Sadly, my nails aren’t.. smooth, but I assure you if you’re a normal human being with nice nails, it’s a dream! As for the 8 day wear, I don’t think i’ve ever had a nail polish be chip free for that long, but with these, they do seem to last around 4 days chip free and even then the polish is still shinny looking and gel like!

There are a total of 15 shades to choose from this collection and I think I might need to get them all.. I think I have a problem! Have you tried these polish’s? What’s your favourite shade? Let me know!

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